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Willow Year 5

Files needed for Summer 2 - WEEK 5

Recommended books for Year 5

12th March Selfies

Sport Relief Week - GB athlete Isabel Haigh visited the school and put Willow Class through their paces

Sport Relief Week - Football coaching sessions with Southampton Football Club

Performance Poetry

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Willow Newsletter - Spring B - 2020

Mountain Information Text Writing Winners

26th February Selfie

25th February Selfies

24th February Selfies

Weekly Certificate Winners

5th February Selfies

3rd February Selfies

Celebration Assembly Certificate Winners

Celebration Assembly Certificate Winners

Writing Competition Winners - Well Done!

22nd January Selfies

Willow Class has been researching facts about Mount Everest and writing them in their own words

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Excellent Mountain Homework

The prototype Mr Blakeley and his team have produced

Mr Blakeley visited from Vertical to show the link between Maths and designing aircraft

16th January Selfies

Playground Politics with Claire Carter - starring Willow Class. Click the link below

14th January Selfie

7th January Selfies

Willow Class Newsletter - Spring A

Christmas Games - Ted is enjoying 'Pass the Parcel' with the children

Science - Materials (Day 3)

Science - Materials (Day 2)

Science - Materials (Day 1)

Planning stories using images from a video

10th December Selfie

4th December Selfies

Willow Newsletter - Autumn B

Amazing art work and fantastic work completed at home

5th November Selfies

Extra Frienship Work Completed At Home

Testing our streamlined boats

Science - Making streamlined boats out of tin foil

Science - Testing our parachutes

Trying to understand air resistance using A4 paper

Air Raid Shelter in Willow Class

Who invaded who during World War 2

Willow Class Newsletter - Autumn A

Bath & Wells MAT