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Holly - Year R

Welcome to Holly Class smiley

We are a class of reception children. Our teachers are Mrs Morton (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Warren (Thursday and Friday) and we are supported by Mrs Parker, Mrs Grabham, Mrs Welsh and   Mrs Prouse. We work very closely with all our friends in Ash class. 


                        Summer A

We had two visitors, Farmer Grabham and PC Selby. Farmer Grabham had lost some of her farm animals. We followed PC Selby’s map and found lots of clues which help us find the animals and a book ‘What the ladybird heard’.

                                    Spring B

      Grandad’s Island

We have been busy making shelters for Grandad and Syd to stay in. We had to make them ship shape!

                                                      Spring Chickens

                     We had great fun making spring chickens using play dough and feathers.

                                   Story telling

We have enjoyed sharing our stories with each other. They have been very exciting!

Spring Term A

It’s all about teen numbers!

We have been very busy learning our teen numbers. We have made them using lots of different resources. 

The Aliens are coming!!

Funky Fingers

We have been busy practising our pencil grip and gross motor skills.

Autumn Term B

Tens Frames

We have been very busy using our tens frames in Maths to identify our numbers to 10. We have made different arrangements with the counters to show that the value stays the same. 

Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm

Holly Class thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Langford Lakes Christmas tree farm. We looked at lots of Christmas trees and identified their different shapes and sizes. Mrs Morton even got to choose a very special tree especially for our school.

Christmas Trees

We have enjoyed sharing the Christmas trees we have been busy making at home, with the rest of Holly Class.

Autumn Term  A

Exploring the new play equipment.

Exploring shapes and patterns

Exploring numbers and letters

Building homes for the animals

Bath & Wells MAT