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Pine Class

Welcome to Pine Class. We are a mixed class of year 1 and year 2 children. Our teacher is Miss Kamal, our teaching assistant is Mr Nelson. 

Values Day this half term has been all about forgiveness. We have focussed on the Easter Story and learnt a lot about why and how we can forgive others. 

We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London

Our Tudor Houses

Express yourself day!

Painting to music

Pantomime Day!

Christmas jumpers

Values Day 11.12.2020


We have had a brilliant day today. Our focus was on generosity. We started the day watching a video all about generosity. The children used some puppets to act out and discuss how the characters had shown generosity. We then made a shopping list with lots of things we could give to people who were less fortunate than us. Our next activity was creating a kindness bucket that we filled with raindrops that had ways we had shown generosity to others. We ended the day by making some tree decorations that we will give to someone in our family. 

Science week-Autumn A


Our focus this week in science was all about trees and seasonal changes. We learnt about the different trees on our school ground, as well as going on a tree walk to spot the different trees. We then learnt about the lifecycle of an acorn and made a lifecycle booklet. One of our favourite activities was an investigation on dropping helicopters (sycamore seeds) and comparing the size to see which ones would drop faster. When we were looking at seasonal changes we focused on the leaves changing colour on trees. We made our own trees with different leaves to represent each season. 

Our certificate winners this week!

Our certificate winners this week!

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