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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium was introduced by the Government in 2011/12. It provides additional funding for pupils who are eligible for free school meals, or have been eligible in the past 6 years to help schools ‘close the gap’ between children who are vulnerable to underachievement and all other children at the school. 


Parents and carers can help our school to claim all the money we are entitled to by making sure that if your child is eligible for free school meals, you register them with us (even if they do not want to order the lunches because they prefer a packed lunch). In Key Stage 1, all children are entitled to a free school meal.  


Pupil Premium is also paid to schools to support service children this funding is primarily to help with pastoral support. It can also be used to help improve the academic progress of eligible pupils if the school deems this to be a priority.


We have included a breakdown summary regarding our pupil premium income in calculated and distributed in the documents below.


The spending and impact of this grant is reviewed annually.



Service Premium Wellbeing Morning 

Friday 9th December 2022


At Norton Fitzwarren Church School, we held a service premium wellbeing morning and invited service premium children from other schools in the trust to attend. We had a fantastic morning decorating biscuits and painted memory jars. 


Service Premium Wellbeing Morning - Friday 9th December 2022

Service Premium Club - Autumn B

Bath & Wells MAT