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Pine Year 1+2

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Pine Class

We are a class of 18 year 1s and 13 year 2s. We are taught by Miss Kamal and supported by Mrs James. Follow our class page to see what we get up to this year!

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Recommended books for Year 1 and 2.

BLM 13.3.20

Certificate winners 13.3.20

Sports relief 12.3.20

Year 1 have been looking and mass and weight in Maths. In our lesson today, we were weighing different objects found in the classroom. We used cubes as our unit of measure. Some of the children were very close with their estimations!!!

Year 2 have been looking at fractions in Maths. We spent our lesson finding halves, quarters and thirds of shapes.

Certificate winners for 28th February

Science Week-Spring A

This weeks science topic has been materials. We had lots of fun sorting them into groups (paper, wood, plastic and fabric). We also looked at their different properties and how they can be used. 

We ended our week by conducting an investigation on which material would slow a (toy) car down the quickest when rolling down a ramp. Our results showed that a (toy) car would travel the slowest on carpet. 

Certificate winners on 14th February

Certificate winners from Friday 24th January 2020

African facts

We have enjoyed sharing our African facts to the class!

Bath & Wells MAT