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Service Premium Club

Little Troopers

Mrs Carrington runs a club for our Service Premium children every Monday 3:15 - 4:15pm throughout the year. She is supported by Miss Dietz. 


The children have delivered a Remembrance Collective Worship and are currently working cooperatively to create a Remembrance banner for the school by sewing poppies. 


We will be working on building our military community spirit within the group and working on crafting and well-being tasks throughout the year, and building a stronger connection to 40 Commando with support from the RN FPS.

Purple Up for Military Kids Day 

On Monday 29th April Norton Fitzwarren Church School held a "Purple Up for military kids" day in honour of the Month of the Military Child. We have 23 military children at our school who we are very proud of. The children were invited to wear purple and donate to our Little Troopers fundraising efforts. At the beginning of the day, Mrs Carrington, who is Service Premium Lead and a Military Wife, spoke to the school about what it is like to have a family member in the military. This was then followed up in classes with military children talking to their classes and offering an insight into their experiences. 


There were collections in class, along with a Just Giving Page for donations. The military children who attend the school's Little Troopers club created artwork which they made into gift cards and tie dye socks and held a craft and bake sale at the end of the day. All together they raised over £250 which will go towards our school's Little Troopers Club as well as to the Little Troopers Charity. 

Biscuit Decorating

We decorated a biscuit for ourselves and someone special at home. Before this, we shared how our half term break had been and any other news they wished to share. 

Remembrance Banner

This week we began putting our banner together. Look how beautiful it's going to be!

Painting and Collaging Poppies

We worked this week on using two different reds to paint poppies. We also used red images to collage poppies. We are going to soon be putting all our elements together to create something very special.

Sewn Poppies

Our first few sessions this year focused on sewing poppies. We learnt new skills and are working towards making something very special.


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