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We had lots of fun designing and making our 3D cars! We used a range of techniques to create them, including cutting, gluing and bending. We then wrote instructions for making them! 

Welcome to Hazel Class! We are taught by Miss Collins and supported by Miss Macdonald. Remember to pop back regularly to see the exciting things we have been doing.

Mrs Armitage came to school this week on her modified bike. Unfortunately, she had a crash and we found her in a crumpled heap on the floor! She delivered a story map of her very own story ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’. We have been learning it all week and are now experts at retelling this finding tale!


Ready, Steady, Grow!

We launched our ‘Ready Steady Grow!’ topic and our story of the ‘Enormous Turnip’ with a WOW morning. We had so much fun preparing our raised beds for seed planting. We worked very hard weeding and clearing the soil so we could plant a range of vegetables including turnip, carrot and beetroot! We also prepared, cooked and consumed some delicious turnip soup!


Curriculum Newsletter Spring B



Curriculum Newsletter Spring A

Autumn B Curriculum Newsletter

We had lots of fun being ‘tree detectives’ during our topic sessions! We discovered which trees were on our school grounds - there were an awful lot!

A visit from the Town Mouse!

We had a very exciting English session today! Pine Class discovered evidence that someone or something had been in their classroom and asked us for assistance! We found a crumb trail of cake, cheese and leaves which led to a little nest in the book corner with a tiny pillow and blanket! Later we found a miniature letter from the Town Mouse. We put it under the visualizer so we could read it. He told us all about his cousin’s visit to the town. We found out it was written in the form of a recount and this acted as our entrance point for Recount Writing.

Are you having trouble learning your number facts? If so take a look at the ideas below. 

European Day of Languages

We had lots of fun last Thursday when we celebrated European Day of Languages. The workshops took place for children in Pine, Hazel, Maple and Sycamore classes. We learnt animal names and played farmyard bingo in Welsh, counted to 10 and sang a song in German,  learnt the names of colours in French and tried a range of Spanish foods and learnt to say if we liked them or not. Take a look at some of our food tasting photographs below.

Spanish Food Tasting

Hazel and Pine Class’ had a wonderful time exploring our local area. We followed a route on a map while spotting a range of houses including: detached, semi–detached, terraced and flats. We were able to use this knowledge to complete a tally chart of the most common house in our local area. During the walk we past some local landmarks and plotted them on our maps. 

Autumn A Curriculum Newsletter

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