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Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan Class. We are a mixed class of year 1 and year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs Warren, our teaching assistants are Mr Owen and Mrs Perring. 

Mental Health Day

Values Day: Compassion

Well-being Wednesday: We having been looking at lots of different types of fruit and vegetables. We drew them using different pencils. 

Putting out the great fire!

Mr Owen brought in his grandfather’s “squirt”. It was very similar to those used to put out The Great Fire of London. We had great fun having a good! Look how far the water goes! 

Building Tudor Houses

Kings and Queens of Norton

The Dot

During Children's Mental Health Week we listened to the story 'The Dot'. We learnt that we can all be creative! We made our own dots! 

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds | Read aloud Book for kids

Snugglebug story time with Sarah.I hope you enjoy this read-along with your family.Vashti believes that she cannot draw, but her art teacher's encouragement ...

Outdoor Learning - Making bird feeders

Thank You Father Christmas for our books!

We have been busy making Christingles

Values Day Autumn B and Christmas Jumper Day

Week 6 certificate winners

Week 5 Certificate winners!

Headteacher’s award winner for amazing work with 100s, 10s and 1s

Week 4 Certificate winners

Week Three Certificates winners

Team work working with our partners to make our Owl pictures

Week Two

We have been busy in our new outside area.

We have had a great first week back, we have all received a certificate for coming back sooo well. In maths we have been busy looking at dice patterns and tens frames.  . 
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