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Maple - Year 4 + 5

Great cake - the class loved it!

11th July Selfies

Can you guess what the children are playing?

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10th April Selfies

Discussions about what the children want to be when they are older.

9th July Selfies

8th July Selfies

More fantastic Greek homework

4th July Selfies

Norton Manor Camp - Biathlon

Norton Manor Camp - Rowing Challenge

A visitor from Rowan Class with some fantastic work!

Brilliant quiz Jonathan!

More excellent Ancient Greece homework

18th June Selfies

Great persuasion work; where can we buy them from?

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11th June Selfies

Jonathan's Ancient Greece homework - Greek Fashion

Intra-Sport (Scatter Ball)

Maple Newsletter - Summer B

Great homework Joshua! I think the class thoroughly enjoyed tasting the end product.

Writing competition winners and their prizes!

21st May Selfies

14th May Selfies

13th May Selfies

7th May Selfies

3rd May Selfies

2nd May Selfie

1st May Selfies

30th April Selfie

25th April Selfie

Being Easter and because we are learning about living things in Science, we are trying to hatch our own chicks

24th April Selfies

23rd April Selfies

Maple Newsletter - Summer A

Mints plus fizzy drink = eruption

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Bubbly eruption

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More eruptions

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Eruptions continued

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2nd April Selfies

More have arrived!

Another erupting volcano

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More brilliant volcanoes

27th March Selfie

An inspiring workshop with Mr Jelley at Taunton Museum

Reading Mr Jelley’s Story

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More excellent volcanoes

22nd March Selfie

Another great volcano

Ted being read to during lunchtime

Maple Class enjoyed the active volcano

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Another excellent homework

19th March Selfies

More excellent volcanoes. Well done!

Another great volcano homework

Another great volcano homework. The class can’t wait to try this out.

Volcanic rock all the way from Iceland!

Another great volcano. I particularly like the waves.

What a pleasure having so many parents join us to read with their child.

12th March Selfies

6th March Selfie

The first volcano homework to be submitted was enjoyed by all!

The Final -The Decider!

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The Final - Round 2

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Maple Class are ready for the boat race!

Designing our boats for the race

28th February Selfies

26th February Selfies

Parachutes - The Final

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Flosser Bossers vs Captain Underpants

Parchutes - Air Resistance

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Camo Kings vs Renegade Raiders in the semi-final.

Click on the link below to see the brilliant stories created using this software

Practising reading our work with expression before publishing our work

23rd January Selfie

Maple Newsletter - Spring A

Extra homework. Great effort!

11th January Selfies

9th January Selfies

Our eggs after 1 week

Indie was very excited to receive a Christmas card and dog treats!

Nothing better than visiting Santa's Grotto on a Monday morning!

Egg experiment - we noticed some changes after 48 hours!

Coming Home - Michael Morpurgo

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Maple have kindly given up their Christmas treat from their teachers and donated it to charity

Maple are trying to find out which liquids cause the most tooth decay using boiled eggs

More amazing Roman homework

7th December Selfies

4th December Selfies

30th November Selfies

28th November Selfies

More amazing Roman homework

Zoo Debate

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Roman soldier poem

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This group worked with Miss Jones to write a poem about what life would be like as a Roman soldier.

Wellesley Cinema - Zoo

6th November Selfies

Romans in action - part 2

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The Romans in action - part 1

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Roman Tortoise Formation

Ted is enjoying his guided subtraction group

23rd October Selfies

16th October Selfie

Making our own Roman road by following instructions

The children were explaining how to draw a picture using words only

9th October Selfies

8th October Selfies

5th October Selfies

The children are working hard on their stories while Ria has a snooze.

Harvest - Maple Class were excellent at leading the service.

Roman board game - The children loved playing this at lunch today.

Selfies - Maths

Writing the next part of their 'Finding Tale'

Improving our writing in partners!

Miraculous Maths!

Three more selfies - writing the build up section of their stories and R.E.

Taunton Museum - Learning more about the Romans

The children were really proud of their story openings.

More selfie requests. Excellent effort!

Our first request a selfie! Amazing work today.

Keep an eye out for your child’s work. It will be posted on this page if your child requests it.

Indie having a story read to her.

Enjoying reading to Ted at lunchtime.

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The dogs seem to be a hit with the new children in Maple.
Bath & Wells MAT