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South West School Wear stock our uniform range.

What does your child need to wear to school?


The Official School Uniform 

  • Grey or black trousers
  • Grey or black shirt
  • Grey pinafore


In the summer girls can wear red/ white gingham check dresses and boys can wear grey shorts.

  • Red cardigan or sweatshirt
  • White polo shirt
  • Black or grey socks. Black, grey or red tights.
  • Black sensible school shoes [ not trainers]


Children should not wear any jewellery apart from one stud earring per ear and a watch. They will need to remove these for PE.

Hair bands should be simple and in school colours. 

Long hair shoulder length and beyond, must be tied back. 


They must have a coat in school at all times. 




P.E Kits

  • Black shorts or jogging bottoms
  • A coloured T shirt depicting their colour team.
  • Plimsolls [ daps] 
  • PE bags



It is essential that all your child's clothing is named. 




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