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I am the good shepherd - John 10:11

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Ethos Days

2022- 2023 Ethos Days

We have spent one full day, per half term, to explore our Christian distinctiveness and ask and discuss Big Questions.  Previously, these have been called Value days and we have explored each core value that has been our focus for that half term. 

Autumn term 2022

The aim of the day is to explore our vision statement

‘One Family Together We Shine’ based in our Christian scripture

I am the good shepherd John 10:11 [this was a parable Jesus told]

Developing a sense of belonging is an integral part of inclusive practice. 

A sense of belonging is vital for mental health. When children’s needs for a safe, secure environment are met, they can feel they belong and are fully included. As a result, they experience fewer behavioural issues and can develop positive relationships and learn successfully.


The Ethos Day assembly power point

Autumn B Value Day December, 21: Friendship and Christingle.



Values Day Autumn A 2021

Focus: Generosity

We linked our values day to the picture book - 'It's a no money kind of day,' by Kate Milner

This explored the use of food banks. We based out harvest festival around this theme of giving to others and collected donations for the Taunton Food bank.

Certificate from Taunton Food Bank

Summer B 2021 Respect

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Summer A 2021 Compassion

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We have linked the value day this half term to pentecost. Mrs Jones' introductory assembly.

Spring B : Forgiveness

We are now in a period Lent as we prepare for Easter, when we remember the salvation Jesus brought when God came to earth in human form. 

Spring A: Perseverance 

This term we have all been demonstrating perseverance,  as we find ourselves in another National Lockdown.

We have taken part in Values day whether at school or at home. 

Perseverance lockdown assembly

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Autumn B Advent and Generosity


What do we celebrate at Christmas?

What is the incarnation?


Oak, Birch and Maple class made cards and advent wreaths which they gave to local care homes and displayed in the village medical centre. 

Autumn 2020 Generosity linked to Harvest. Our big question was Why do we refer to God as a gardener?

A virtual values day!  We explored the theme of salvation and forgiveness on the last day of home school learning for the Spring term. 

Miss Milward's virtual values day opening assembly.

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Perseverance-Spring A 2020. Big Question: As Christians what are we waiting for? What skills do we need to persevere?

Generosity-Autumn B 2019 Big Question:What did Jesus teach us about being generous? What does selfless mean?

Friendship Autumn 2019 Big Question: Is it always easy to be a friend?

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