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Event Gallery Archive 2019-2020

V.E Day - 75th Anniversary: Stay at Home Street Party.

KS1 Key Step Gymnastics Competition (March 2020)

In Sport Relief week we welcomed Saints South West and Gymnast Isabel Haigh to Norton.

We won a reading competition in the Parent Talk magazine!

Father Christmas visited- the PTFA gave every child a book for Christmas.

Y6 Bikeability

What a beautiful day for the 2019 School Games, fantastic leadership skills shown by our Young Leaders and great sportmanship by all those taking part.  Not to mention a fantastic Dance display to start and finish the event.  Well done everyone!


Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic afternoon playing cricket.  Many thanks to Malcolm from Wombats Cricket club for coming in and spending time to share your cricket expertise, the children loved it!

We raised £77 for Comic Relief, making smiley face out of coins! Thanks for supporting us - from the Charity Team.

Book Week March 2019

Basketball- 7.2.19


A great performance by our Year 6 basketball team at the tournament at Heathfield, well done to all involved.

Dance club were having a great time this afternoon using their pom poms!!

Today the Mini Police were investigating their own fingerprints using paint! They were investigating whether they had a whorl, arch or loop fingerprint. The children found that we don't have one type of fingerprint and that different fingers can have different prints!

Mini Police


Norton Fitzwarren Primary School have been extremely lucky to be chosen to run a new Mini Police scheme.

The Mini Police scheme promotes a positive experience of policing and gets children involved in the local community. 


Norton Fitzwarren have chosen 15 children to help run the Mini Police scheme within the school. These children were recruited into the Mini Police force during a whole school assembly where they received their Mini Police uniforms which included their own identity badges!


The children are very excited to get started and already have lots of fantastic ideas!


Bath & Wells MAT