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Welcome to Maple Class' page.  We are a Year 4 and year 5 class and our teachers are Miss McHugh, Miss Jones and Mrs Hinchliffe.  We hope you enjoy reading about our class!

Year 4 Net and Wall Festival

The year 4s in both Maple and Birch class took part in the Net and Wall Festival at Blackbrook Pavilion Leisure Centre. Along with children from other schools, they took part in a variety of racket sports and activities. The children worked really well in small teams, especially with other children from different schools. Well done year 4!

Year 5 Leadership Festival

The year 5 children enjoyed a morning of sport at Wellsprings Leisure Centre. They joined children from other primary schools and took part in a series of activities designed to enhance the skills needed to be a successful leader.  Everyone enjoyed the morning and represented our school positively.  A big thank you to the Young Leaders at Taunton Academy who enthusiastically ran the whole morning!

Pirate Day


We enjoyed a day dressed up in our best pirate clothes as a wow starter for our pirate topic.  We spent the day hunting for treasure, learning how to tie knots, tasting food and learning pirate shanties.

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