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Our Home School Agreement

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Home  School Agreement




This is the agreement which sets out that the education of the children is a partnership. It links the learning that takes place in school and the on-going learning of life that takes place at home before starting school and thereafter.


The School’s Agreement:

We, both as individual staff and as a whole school, will

  • Treat your child fairly, care for him/her and ensure his/her happiness and safety;

  • Ensure that your child is well taught and that he/she achieves his/her best in all aspects of school life;

  • Help your child to develop a sense of responsibility and to be considerate of others;

  • Provide a range of subjects and after-school activities to meet your child’s individual needs and interests;

  • Inform you at regular meetings about your child’s progress;

  • Keep you informed about homework, punctuality, attendance and general school matters;

  • Be welcoming at all times and offer you opportunities to become involved in the daily life of the school;

  • Let you know about concerns or problems that affect your child’s work or behaviour;

  • Respond to your concerns and questions as promptly as possible;

  • Care for your child’s happiness and safety through a clearly stated Behaviour Policy which details rewards and sanctions


The Parent/Carer’s Agreement
I/We will try to:

  • Make sure our children arrive at, and are collected from school on time;

  • Ensure that my child is responsible for their own belongings and arrives fully prepared for all aspects of school life;

  • Let the school know about any problems which might affect my child’s work, behaviour or attendance;

  • Support my child with home learning activities;

  • Encourage my child to read and hear him/her read on a regular basis;

  • Encourage my child to join in the after-school activities which interest him/her;

  • Support school policies and rules;

  • Ensure my child wears the school uniform and takes pride in looking smart;

  • Read letters sent home from school and support   my child by attending parent’s evening;

  • Ensure that unnecessary time is not taken off in term time.


The Child’s Agreement

I will try to:


As a pupil of our school I promise to do my best and to keep the rules which are:

  • We are kind – we don’t hurt anybody or anybody’s feelings

  • We show respect to others – we are not rude

  • We listen – we don’t interrupt

  • We work hard – we don’t waste our own or other people’s time

  • We look after property – we don’t waste or damage anything

  • We are honest – we don’t cover up the truth


I will make sure I do my best to live my life following the school christian values of:-


I will also do my best to be a good learner by:

  • Being prepared for school with all the necessary equipment, correct uniform and PE kit

  • Being conscientious with homework and reading regularly in order to improve

  • Being confident and motivated to challenge myself

  • Persevering when learning is challenging

  • Being able to work with others as well as by myself

  • Understanding that I am responsible for my own learning

  • By finding ways to help myself before I rely on help from adults or friend