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Welcome to Sycamore Class

We a mixed class of 22 Y6 pupils and 10 Y5 pupils.


We work closely with Willow Class  in the Annex building.  Our class teachers are Mrs Jones and Miss Milwood.  Mrs Goodwin, Mrs Hinchliffe and Mrs Thomas all support the pupils in both classes.

Values Day Autumn B Advent

Using our new bubble playtime equipment.We love it!

Values Day Art Harvest

Black History Month

Certificate winners this week! 16/10/2020

Certificate winners this week! 09/10/2020

Our topic is archaeology and discoveries. We used precision, patience and perseverance to excavate chocolate chips from a cookie.

Look at Millie’s impressive homework about the Bronze Age Hill Fort in our village

A creative challenge: using only a scissors and a piece of card, can you create a sculpture and name it? We used resilience, creativity and imagination!

Bath & Wells MAT