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Welcome to Maple class page!

Please come back regularly to see what we've been doing.

 Choose Summer B Homework Project!


Choose 1 of the following activities:

  • Create a short presentation about a French artist. Your presentation should not be longer than 5 minutes and should include details about the artist’s life (birth, death, family) as well as some of their most famous paintings/sculptures.
  • Create a short presentation about a French town or city. Your presentation should not be longer than 5 minutes and should include its location on a map, population, weather and famous foods and/or buildings.
  • Create a short presentation about a French building. Your presentation should not be longer than 5 minutes and should include its location, why it is famous, what it is used for and a brief history.
  • Hand in this homework by Monday 13th July 2015 at the latest. no

Summer A Homework Project!

This half term we would like the children to choose and complete one of the following activities:

  • Make a map of your garden or a section of a local park/school grounds
  • Carry out a mini beast hunt and record your results
  • Research one of the mini beasts you found e.g. habitat, appearance, diet etc (you may

present your research in any format but may choose to use an A4 format).


This homework is due in by Monday 1st June 2015 at the latest. no


Summer A Newsletter


Last week, Birch and Maple class were visited by the ‘Bug Man’!  He brought lots of creepy crawlies with him including snakes, spiders and scorpions.  We enjoyed learning all about the history of bugs on the planet and some of us were lucky enough to touch or hold some of the exciting bugs. It is a really exciting start to our topic on ‘Why are bugs important?’ We learned many interesting facts that will help us in our Topic and English work!!

Road Safety Day!!


We had a great fun last Friday learning about road safety.

 We drove around the hall on mobility scooter cars and looked in the police vehicles; we even had our fingerprints taken!  The aim of the day was to highlight the importance of Road Safety and every child received a high vis cap.  (Please make sure that your child has put their name in their cap so that it doesn’t get lost!)  We hope that your child has told you all about how to stay safe by the road! A huge thank you to our local PCSO, Tony Wearmouth, who organised this fantastic day.

Spring B Newsletter

The Old Mexican Trip!!

Maple class had a fantastic morning at The Old Mexican restaurant in Taunton. To support our topic on Guatemala, we tasted a range of Mexican foods and even made our own flat breads! Once they were baked we sat down together and tasted our creations!! A huge thank you to Sam and Carol at The Old Mexican for making our time so enjoyable.

Homework Projects on Guatemala!

Well done to all children who have completed their homework projects on Guatemala! The children had a brilliant time working in groups to share their successes. We now have our projects proudly displayed in the corridor for all to read and learn from.

A Journey Tale - Focus: Speech Punctuation

This week we had a mysterious visitor!!! It was grandma from 'Hero Twins'. She told us all the story of her grandsons journey and answered our many questions about the story. This will really help us with our writing next week.

Grandma from The Hero Twins Journey Tale


   Spring A Homework Project


This half term we would like the children to create a PowerPoint or

written presentation about Guatemala. This could be based on:

 the people, climate and weather, jungles, lakes, earth quakes, volcanoes,

cities and villages or ancient buildings and can be presented however you wish.


 All homework projects are expected in at the latest Monday 2nd February.

Please feel free to send them in earlier if they are ready so we can

display them and celebrate their successes!

Autumn A Newsletter
Maple Class investigating how we see!

European Day of Languages

This week we celebrated European Day of Languages with a morning of workshops.  We tried some Spanish foods and learnt to say if we liked them (or not!) in Spanish, learnt animal names and played farmyard bingo in Welsh, counted to 10 and sang a song in German, and learnt the names of colours in French.  It was a very busy and exciting morning!  Have a look through our photos:

Celebration Assembly

Today's assembly was an extra special celebration as Norton Fitzwarren Church School was formally welcomed into the Multi Academy Trust.  Mr Mountsteven talked about what it means to trust someone and how this was important in school.  He then presented the school with a very special bear which Mrs Nelson has invited the children to name, so get your thinking caps on!  Afterwards, the adults had tea and cake in the hall whilst Maple Class had their own cake celebration (followed by Maths!).


This week's certificates were awarded to: Grace Williams (team point winner), Leon Prowse (star of the week) and George Pring (worker of the week).

Harvest Assembly

Along with our fellow classmates from Key Stage 1 and 2, we went to the church to give thanks for the harvest.  It was a lovely occasion and Maple Class began the service with a special reading that helped us to think about the importance of a successful harvest and remember others less fortunate than ourselves.  The class performed their part with professionalism and spoke well.  As you can imagine, rehearsing in an empty church is very different to performing to a congregation full of expectant faces and Mrs Birt, Mrs Holmes and Mrs Cox were all very impressed.  The children left the church singing one of the harvest songs which they continued to sing all the way back to school!  The Order of Service is below.



Celebration Assembly

Our weekly celebration assembly took place on Thursday 2nd October.  Our certificate winners are: Jessica Whiting (star of the week), Holly Quick (team point winner), Grace Dowell (worker of the week).

This week in Maple Class

Having finished writing our Rags to Riches tale in English (we hope you enjoy reading them at Parents' Evening), we have started learning how to write instructions.  Working in partners, we began by listening to verbal instructions to draw a picture.  We had great fun trying trying to explain to the other person what to draw and where and how to draw it!  We all took turns giving the instructions and drawing the picture.  Later in the week, we learnt how to use bossy verbs.  They have a special name, can anyone remember?


At the end of the week, we shared our sunglasses with the class.  We talked about the materials used, the purpose of sunglasses and which ones would be most effective.  They are all completely different and equally fabulous, thank you!


In Celebration Assembly, we celebrated the achievements of Leah Goodman who received an Assistant Headteacher's Award for her Rags to Riches Tale, Zac Sutcliffe (Star of the Week), Grace Williams (Worker of the Week) and Dexter Penny (Team Point winner).

This week in Maple.....(w/c 13th October 2014)

This week in Maple Class was another busy week.  After some inspiration from our class novel How to Train Your Dragon, the children have begun to plan their instructions for How to Ride a Dragon (or similar mythical creature!).  In Maths we learnt about shapes and their properties including right, acute and obtuse angles.  We discovered that right angles are everywhere in our school!  Finally, we built on some French vocabulary that we learnt over the past few weeks to have a simple conversation.


At the end of the week we celebrated our success in assembly.  Our certificate winners this week were:  Eleanor Irvine (Star of the Week), Ebony Brannon (Worker of the Week), Holly Quick (Team Point Winner), Grace Williams and Leah Goodman (Silver awards) and George Pring (Assistant Headteacher Award).



So far this half term in Maple Class....


Once again we have been very busy with visitors, trips and activities.  The children enjoyed finding out about Judaism (especially eating honey and apples), weekly tag rugby sessions run by professional rugby players from Exeter Chiefs, and a recent trip to the Museum of Somerset.   

This week in Maple Class

Yet another busy week has seen Maple Class learning continue to enjoy the coaching by Exeter Chiefs, weekly swimming, and lots of Maths and English where we have been learning, respectively, written methods for division and what makes an explanation text.  We have also learnt more about World War 1.  We walked into the village stopping in the churchyard to talk about the Commonwealth War Graves then walked on to the war memorial where the children were given a name to find.  We also used an old map to find out where the memorial had been originally.  


We were also very privileged to see one of the unique ceramic poppies from the "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Blood" installation at the Tower of London.  Charlie Weston and his family kindly allowed us to look at their poppy and read the information that came with it.  Charlie was even invited into Year 5/6 to show them too.  We also learnt about how the war effected Mrs Cox's family and the children were asked to find out about the impact of the War on their own families.  


Finally, we watched the recent TV advert recreating the Christmas Truce of 1914 which the children found very interesting.  It generated lots of discussion.  Some photos of the week can be seen below.



Can your children remember the significance of this house in the village?


Bath & Wells MAT