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Ash and Holly

Welcome to Ash and Holly

The class teacher in Ash Class is Miss Bartholomew. There are 30 reception children.

The class teacher in Holly Class is Mrs Warren. There are 13 Year 1 children and 15 reception children.

We are supported by Mr Owen, Mrs Parker, and Miss Hutchins. 


Book change will be on Mondays for Holly Class and Wednesday for Ash Class.


PE - indoor PE will take place on  Wednesdays for Ash and Thursdays for Holly - please send your child in in PE kit.

We had so much fun at our Jubilee Picnic. 

Ash and Holly Class worked so hard at Sports Day! 

Writing to The Queen: We wrote letters to the queen telling her what we could do, eat and play if she came to visit us. 

PSHE: We read The Dot about trying even when you think you can’t do something. The children then used the story to draw their own picture using a dot or a line. We discussed what we find difficult and how important it is to say “I can” !

Following instructions: We have been following instructions to help us make a pirate hat!

Mark making

Story Telling

The children have been creating their own stories, using the 5 different part to a story. The opening. The build-up. The problem. The resolution and The ending

Wonderful writing - we have been writing about our favourite farm animals

Exploring shape and pattern

Christingles - we learnt what each part of a Christingle represents.

Making snow in Science Week

Poppies for Remembrance Day

Firework painting

We love building!

Making teen number with the Year Ones

Mark making-drawing The Three Bears

Our first week of learning

Bath & Wells MAT