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Pine 2 thoroughly enjoyed our literacy entrance for ‘How to make a Pizza’. We needed to learn a set of instructions for this; however we couldn’t test if they were accurate without making the pizza - and of course tasting them too! We made our own bases and were able to choose from a range of toppings including cheese, ham, pepperoni, sweet corn, tomato and pineapple. They were delicious! Look at our creations below!

We will be designing and making our own instructions for ‘How to make an ice cream sundae’ this week. Keep checking for our new photos!

Please do not forget about our Homework Project!           

All children need to make a ‘pupil passport’ to take to their new class for moving up morning. This will include 3-5 items which are important and special to them. The children will talk about these items for 2-3 minutes and explain why they are chosen.

Due in: Monday 30th June

On our penultimate day of the first summer term we enjoyed a very exciting art day! This was our exit point for our three week focus on the artist Wassily Kandinsky. During the day we made our own felt spheres and used our nature inspired stamps to print repeating patterns. Finally we used our handmade felt circles and stamps to create our ‘tree of life’.

All of Pine Class had a great time at the Wellsprings Centre for the year 1 & 2 Multi Skills Festival.  The weather was a little windy however we were lucky to see the sunshine for most of the day!  The children were able to experience a range of activities supported by Taunton Academy's Young Sports Leaders.

Year 1 and 2 Multi Skills Festival

Cheddar Chocolate Factory

We had a fantastic time at the Cheddar Chocolate Factory! We saw how the chocolate was made by machinery and by hand. Then we were able to set, tap out and set chocolate. It tasted delicious!

Our 'Wild Thing' boats

During our topic sessions, Pine Class have planned, made and tested boats for Max (from Where the Wild Things are). They have applied their knowledge of floating, sinking and waterproofing to build them.

This Term’s Homework Project


Due in Monday 24th February


Design and create a musical instrument

Please can you design and create your own musical instrument ready to share and discuss with the rest of the class! This can be created out of any recycled scrap materials you can find.


Here are our Year 2 children enjoying a Multi Skills Festival at Wellsprings in December 2013!

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