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2023- 2024

The Eco Committee supported the local community planting trees on the village playing fields.

William Morris Big Art Day

Norton Fitzwarren Church School children took part in a Big Art Day where they immersed themselves in the drawings, prints and tapestries of William Morris. Every child used their sketchbooks to respond to their chosen artworks by the designer using a range of materials including chalk and oil pastels, watercolours, wax crayons and pencils for rubbings. Each child responded to nature and experienced different printing techniques across the school from leaf and vegetable printing to block printing with rollers and ink. We ended the day by visiting classroom galleries with younger and older children swapping to experience the artwork at a different age range to themselves, giving verbal or written feedback about the artworks they saw. 

Y6 took part in The Royal British Legion Act of Remembrance: laying wreaths at the Commonwealth War Graves in our village churchyard.

PTA Funky Hair Friday

Mrs Walker retired from Norton school after working at preschool for over 25 years. We will miss you!

Isle of Wight Year 6 Residential

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