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At Norton Fitzwarren Church School, our vision for music is to implement and embed a music curriculum which is progressive, child-led and links with the wider curriculum. 




Charanga is an award winning modern day music plan for teaching music within primary schools and one that we have chosen to use here at Norton Fitzwarren. Charanga has an integrated, practical, exploratory and child led approach to musical learning.

Music lessons are structured and begin by listening and appraising a musical piece, exposing children to a wide variety of musical influences and cultures whilst allowing them to form their own opinions using musical vocabulary. We encourage children to listen for the interrelated dimensions of music - instruments, vocalists, timbre, pitch, dynamics, texture, structure and tempo and then share what they can hear. We practise a number of musical activities such as warm up games moving to the beat and rhythm before learning to sing a song verse by verse and the chorus. Children will learn to play musical instruments such as the glockenspiel and recorder, learning to respond to musical notations. Willow class are also learning to play the ukulele taught by Somerset Music. We feel that it is important for children to be able to improvise and compose their own music too and Charanga is a great for allowing this.

Alongside this fantastic scheme of work, we also allow children to practise their vocal skills at singing assembly every week held by Mrs Jones and at after school choir club with Miss Bagnall, Mrs Desave and Miss Dietz. A fantastic way to build confidence and the children at Norton Fitzwarren really love to perform!





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