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 Welcome to the Norton Fitzwarren Church School, School Council page. 



What is the School Council?

The school council here at Norton works to make improvements to the school and the way we do things. We look at things that could be improved and discuss how we can do this. Everyone gets a chance to speak and put forward their ideas and then we start working on how we can make any changes needed. The school councillors will talk to their peers, the adults in the school and the Governors.  



Check this page for regular updates of our meetings.

Who are the School Councillors?
Every year we run an election campaign to vote for two new representatives from each class from Year 1 upwards. The chosen representatives will speak at the council meetings about things that their class is interested in. They will also tell their class what has been discussed in the school council meetings they attend.


2023-2024 School councillors

Sycamore - Kayah Cockram and Rashaud Drepaul-Saul

Rowan - Zoe Scrivener-Contreras and Luka Parrott-Erano

Hazel - Marty Knight and Maisie Barrie

Pine - Thea Newton and Bailey-Rai Smith

Birch - Oscar Herne and Isobel Sebastian 

Oak - Amelys Marginean and Jackson Fear 

Willow and Maple - Jacob Shopland, Marlene Eve, Jack Morris, Imogen Coombes-Taylor and Kayla Tadiwa


Healthy movement day - December 2023

The school council have been planning how, as a school, we are going to promote a 'healthy lifestyle'. The school council have agreed that whilst we are good at looking after our wellbeing, we do need to pay attention to children's daily active time. 


They feel that some children during playtimes are not as active as perhaps they should be. On Wednesday 13th December, the children faciltated lots of playtime activities to try and enable children to be active. 


Photos to follow!


2022/23 School councillors


Year 6

Cassie-Louise and Jacob


Year 5/6

Alicia and Ashton


Year 5 

Archie and Poppy


Year 4

Alfie and Anya


Year 3

Ava and Nathanael


Year 2/3 

Eli and Lottie


Year 2

Leo and Scarlett


Year 1 

Olivia and Joe





Christmas Sacks Donation - Decemeber 2022

The children within the school council, as part of our global goals number one of 'ending poverty', decided that they would like the school to donate to a charity. They agreed on a homeless charity called 'Taunton Open Door'. Miss Cunningham spoke with Taunton Open Door, who informed her of the 'Sacks for smiles' campaign they had for Christmas. This was that they would fill rucksacks with essentials and food for homeless people in Taunton and give them to them around Christmas Day. We had a very successful donation day, with lots of different types of items. Miss Cunningham then delivered the donations to Taunton Open Door the week before Christmas. 

The Woodland Trust tree saplings planting - November 2022

The school councillors and Mr Owen had the very special job of planting our donated tree saplings. They did a fantastic job and Mr Owen commented on how brilliant our school councillors were, and how we have a lot of potential horticulturists! 

2021/22 School Councillors


Year 6

Erica & Zach


Year 5

Riley & Ella Rose


Year 4

Drew & Lizzie


Year 3

William, Ella, Jonah & Emily


Year 2

Oscar, Freddie, Zofia and Luca


Year 1

Abigail & Sophia


2020-2021 Representatives

Mrs Bewes has been leading the council this year with the help of the Governors and the following councillors.


Year 6

Willow, Jonathan, Lacie & Logan


Year 5

Olley & Annabel


Year 4

Olivia & Mason


Year 3



Year 2

Molly, Amelia & Theo

Bath & Wells MAT