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Welcome to the class page for Maple Class 2015/16!

We are a Year 4/5 class and our teachers are Mrs Fox and Mrs Hinchliffe, but we all call her Mrs H!

We hope you enjoy sharing our news and pictures.

Spring 2016

We have now also been joined by Mrs Goodwin who works with us Monday to Wednesday and by Mr Doyle who teaches us each Wednesday to cover Mrs Fox's planning and preparation time. 

Orienteering at Norton Camp


The children in Maple class travelled to Norton Camp to take part in a morning of orienteering.  They learnt how to use a clicker and to follow a route in a sequence, how to orientate a map and then how to follow an orienteering course. They finished by following a route around the woods set up by Quantock Orienteers.

Song and Dance Extravaganza

On the evening of Wednesday 29th June, Norton Fitzwarren Church school hosted an evening filled with song and dance.  The children who performed entertained the crowds and brought tears to some eyes!  Special thanks go to Mrs Goodwin for organising the evening and for giving up her time to run the dance club.  We also need to thank Star Fish Bar, W.S. Plumbing and Heating Services, Hickleys Limited and George Snelling Property Maintenance for their kind sponsorship enabling us to purchase costumes.

Roman Shields


We have been busy painting, cutting and sticking to make our Roman shields ready for next week.

Book Week

We have had a lovely week starting with dressing up as a favourite book character on Monday.

On Tuesday afternoon we hosted our exhibition to show off our DT projects and art work connected to The Iron Man. Pictures of this are on the first slideshow below.

On Thursday morning we enjoyed a trip to the Somerset Heritage Centre where we were given the opportunity to look at some very old books (including some from the 15th and 16th centuries). We would like to say a big thank you to the staff who showed us around.

Finally on Friday morning we had our second clarinet lesson and played our first tune! 

Danceathon 2016 - 17th March


On Thursday afternoon Maple class did their bit for Sport Relief by dancing for 2 separate half hour slots in the hall.  This meant that there had been non-stop dancing at the school from 10:30am to 3:00pm . The day was organised by our Mrs Goodwin who helped teach all the classes their routines and then danced the WHOLE DAY!!! She was ably assisted by Mrs Thomas. We were so proud of Maple children who danced without fuss all of the time.

Over £900 was raised for charity - well done!

Hands on Maths


Year 4 have taken advantage of the recent good weather to use the outside as part of their maths problem solving.  They were challenged  to measure the school playground and to calculate the capacity of various containers.


Maple Class Invaded!


Maple Class have recently been invaded by a rabble of robots...


Year 4 netwall festival at Blackbrook 10.2.16.


This morning Year 4 attended a netwall festival run by the ever efficient Taunton Academy Student Leaders.  They had the chance to take part in up to 16 different activities based around volleyball, table tennis, tennis and badminton. All of the children participated with enthusiasm and were excellent representatives of our school. 

Healthy Eating 

Maple Class have been learning about healthy eating.  We looked at the eatwell plate which shows the recommended balance of foods in our diet.  We learnt that there are five different food groups.  Our diet should consist of 1/3 from the Fruit and Vegetable group, 1/3 from the Bread, Rice, Potatoes and Pasta group and the remaining 1/3 should come from the Milk and Dairy group, the Meat, Fish, Eggs and Beans group and the Foods high in Fat and/or Sugar group.

Our challenge was to create a healthy pizza for our group and here are the photographs of our efforts!

Christmas Baking!

Melting Snowman Cookies

We made cookies on Tuesday in our groups. (Recipe 8oz SR flour, 4oz sugar, 4oz butter, 1 egg - cream sugar and butter, beat in egg, fold in flour - makes 6 to 8 cookies). Today we have decorated our cookies.  We spread on some icing and then stuck on the marshmallow head with an orange crisp pearl nose.  Finally we piped on the eyes, scarf and buttons.  We think they look sooo cute!

Tuesday 08 December

The four sports leaders from Sycamore Class organised an afternoon of activities for Maple Class.  They started with a warm up called gears which involved moving around the playground at different speeds.  This was followed by circuits and a game of cups and saucers.  The afternoon ended with a running race.  We would like to say a big thank you to the Sycamore sports leaders!

Monday 07 December


Today we took part in the intra sport tag rugby festival. Have a look at the fun we had!

Friday 13th November 2015


We have been consolidating our learning in maths with peer teaching / learning.  We worked with a partner to solve multiplication calculations using the grid method.

Thursday 05 November


Maple are showing off their drama skills finishing off the "Dangle Story".

Maple and Birch class are taking part in our Topic Day.  We are writing in hieroglyphs, taxing our brains with some Egyptian maths, creating cave and pyramid art and baking Egyptian bread.

As part of our Topic this half term we planted date stones.  Some are being grown without light, some without air, some without warmth and some without water.  We look forward to seeing how they get on!

On Friday 16th October, Maple class enjoyed a tag rugby session.  There are some budding rugby players in our midst!
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