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Welcome to the Rowan Class page!


We are a Year 1 / Year 2 Class that is taught by Miss Cunningham and supported by Mrs Selby. We have 29 pupils in Rowan Class. Please follow this page to see some of the learning and fun we have this year....

Tuesday 14th September 

Today we have been making worry dolls and talking about what we can do if we have a worry. We have read the book 'The Invisible' by Tom Percival and the children in Rowan class have been talking about the main characters feelings and emotions.


Premier Sport

Rowan class had a fantastic start to PE, as we had a chance to work with 2 sports coaches for our first 3 lessons. The children's effort in these lessons was fantastic, and they all really engaged with the learning. Well done Rowan class, we can now use the skills we have learnt and put them into our Tuesday PE lessons!


The three little pigs

In Rowan class we have been focusing on the traditional tale 'The three little pigs' over the past 2 weeks. We have seen some amazing writing, acting, and story telling from all of the children in Rowan class. 



Friday 1st October

Our WOW wall is looking fantastic this week! Can you spot any of your pieces of work Rowan class? 


This week (week beginning 4th October) we have been learning about how to write instructions. We started off by creating autumnal leaf hedghogs and then wrote instructions based on that task. We then had a go at ordering some instructions. We have also been learning about the key parts of instructions texts, and some children this week went home with 'bossy verb superstars' stickers on because they used bossy verbs to tell Rowan class what to do. 



This week, as part of our houses and homes topic, we have been learning about the Yanomami tribe who live in South America. We learnt about where they live and about their daily lives. The children in Rowan class wanted to celebrate the Yanomami people by creating headbands, just as they wear. 


15th October 2021

Jam Sandwiches

We have been learning about instruction writing in English. We have created a set of instructions for making a jam sandwich - today we got to use those instructions to make our own sandwich and we ate them.


Christmas party! Decemeber 2021

We had a fantastic Christmas class party and even had a visit from Father Christmas. 

January 2022 - The Hat Man and the Monkeys 

This week we had a suprise box delivered to our classroom. We explored inside and found lots of different hats! We made our own hats and learnt the story of 'The Hat Man and the Monkeys'.

January 2022 - Doodle Maths day! 

Today we dressed up as robots to celebrate the relaunch of doodle maths at our school. We are so excited to compete against the other classes to try and win the 'top doodlers of the week'!

February 2022 - 'Dress to express' day!

We have been thinking about keeping our minds healthy this week, and on Friday (11/02/22) we had a non-school uniform day and came into school in clothes that expressed ourselves - our favourite colours, characters, or even just our favourite clothes! 

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