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Welcome to the Hazel class page. In our class there are 31 children. Some of us are in Year 1 and some of us are in Year 2. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Miss Blight is our teacher and on Thursday and Friday we are taught by Mr Morris. 


We are going to update our page regularly to show you the things we have been learning about in class. We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun we have been having whilst learning. 

December 2015 - Tag Rugby Intra sport session

November 2015 - Year 2 are learning to multiply and divide using jottings.

Designing and making buildings with a Moroccan feature as part of our Land of the Setting Sun Topic - October 2015

An Autumn walk to get ideas for writing Autumn poetry - October 2015

PE - Paper, Rock, Scissors warm up, balancing on one leg challenges for fundamental skills focus and Pop Up Pirates balance game to finish - October 2015

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn A Land of the Setting Sun - September 2015

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