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Admissions Arrangements 2025-26

Admissions Arrangements 2024-25

Appeal a School Admission Decision

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Norton Fitzwarren Church School is operating with classroom limits rather than specific year groups.

In Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) the classroom limits are set at 30 which takes account of the maximum number of children we can accommodate within the room and effectively deliver the appropriate curriculum. Admission Limits will be set to allow the classes to reach the limit of 30.

In Key Stage 1, (Years 1-2 and Year 2/3 mixed class) the classroom limits are set at 30 which is the maximum number of children that the school is allowed to teach within the Infant Class Size Legislation.

In Foundation stage we have a Published Admission Number of 45. This provides a pure class of Reception children and a Reception, Year 1 mixed class.

As a school we like to maximise parental preference and therefore will review the admission limits regularly to ensure we are offering as many places as possible but will always be within our class limits.


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