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Welcome to Maple class 2017-2018

We are a mixed class of 23 year 4's and 6 years 5's. We have 2 adults that work in our class, Mr Benjafield our teacher and Miss Jones, our teaching assistant. 

To find out what exciting things we are learning this half term, please see our curriculum news letter below.

We have had a brilliant start to the year, kicked off by a visit from the BFG!! He was able to help us write our Meeting Tale for our first English unit. 

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt and recently we had a visit from the Heritage Center. We did some fantastic activities, such as archaeological digs, painting scarab beetles and Egyptian bread making, which we then took home to bake. We had such a brilliant morning! 

We have done some fantastic Ancient Egypt homework! We had to choose out of a list of tasks and we were able to be really creative, which we loved!

We voted for our school council this half term and we challenged our candidates to give a speech to the class about why we should vote for them. They were all brilliant and showed great perseverance and determination. Our winners were Harry Smith and Daisy Nisbet. 

We have had some fantastic science experiments since September and these have ranged from the melting process of chocolate to the process of evaporation and condensation. We have focused on the change between solids, liquids and gases. 

We had the privilege of having Mr Palmer (Theo's Dad) come into class recently to talk to us about his allotment. He captivated the children with his photographs, produce and passion for his hobby. It was also lovely to see Theo so heavily involved in this family project. 

We then had the privilege of having Mrs Vincent (Daniel's Mum) coming into class to talk to us about her role as a Police Officer. She shared and inspired the children with her passion for her job and reminded them that they can do anything that they set their minds to. 

Our next visitor was Bogusz (Ronja's brother) who shared with us his passion for being a chef and how that skill had enabled him to travel the world. He shared pictures of food, locations he had traveled and yachts he had been employed on, encouraging the children to dream big, work hard and have fun!

Our next visitor was Mr Bentley (Luca's step dad) who shared with us his passion for cycling. He rode at a semi-professional level and was able to share stories of both triumph and failure and taught the children that no matter how many times they fall off, they can always get straight back on again. Never give up, even when it's really hard!!  

Before we broke up for the Christmas holidays, the children had the opportunity to go to Santa's Grotto. During this time, they played games, had hot chocolate, told Santa some of their best jokes and all came away with a present for being so good. Thank you so much to our PTFA for making this possible. 

This term, Maple class are studying the Iron Man. The children have made a video as an introduction to this, focusing on strong expression and sound effects.


Still image for this video

What the farmers think about the Iron Man

Still image for this video
The Iron Man has been destroying the farmer's machinery and making a mess of their fields. We asked the farmers what they thought about him.

Emergency Farmers' Meeting

Still image for this video
We held an emergency farmers' meeting and discussed what we should do about this problem. The farmers came up with some great ideas.

Are you for or against the Iron Man

Still image for this video
Even though the Iron Man has caused so much devastation, we talked about whether or not he/she was good or bad. This resulted in some excellent discussion.