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Holly Class 2017-18

Welcome to Holly Class!
We are a mixed age class of reception and year 1 children. 
Our teachers are Mrs Morton and Mrs Warren. We are supported by Mrs Grabham, Mrs Selby and

Mrs Prowse.
Please come and visit our page regularly to see all the great learning that we have been doing! 

Labeling the body                                                                                          Thursday 12th October

In literacy the Year 1 children have been thinking about labels and captions. We have been working in small groups to label 'our bodies'. We had great fun and thought of lots of different body parts. Inside and out! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Pizza Making                                                                                                             Friday 6th October

We talked about harvest festival and that it is the end of the growing season so healthy fruit and      vegetables get harvested before the new crop is sown. We thank God during this time for the food which has been grown. We talked about our favourite healthy foods. We then made our own pizzas. We talked about where each of the ingredients came from.


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Picture 2
Picture 3

Pictures of Ourselves

The Reception children have been painting pictures of themselves, looking closely to see how they are similar and different to their friends. 
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Picture 2
Picture 3
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