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Welcome to Ash Class.


The adults in Ash Class are:

Miss Bartholomew- Class Teacher 

Mrs Williams- Teaching Assistant (Monday-Thursday) 

Miss Grace- Teaching Assistant (Monday-Friday)

Mrs Prowse- Teaching Assistant (Monday-Thursday mornings, Friday all day)

Mrs Marshall- Teaching Assistant (Friday Morning) 


We hope you enjoy looking at all of the wonderful learning that takes place. 

15th January 2018

This week in Ash class we have been writing our very own ‘wild things’ character descriptions. The children have really impressed us with their fantastic writing!

We have had two challenges this week; one was the colour in our own ‘wild thing’ character and the second was to sequence the story of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

We have continued to enjoy learning in our jungle role play. The children have been looking at some jungle books whilst learning in the role play area.

In P.E this week the children have been pretending to be spacemen on the moon. We have been practising how spacemen would move and have been jumping from planet to planet.

8th January 2018


We have had a lovely first week back from Christmas this week. We have had lots of fun learning about our new story ‘where the wild things are’. On Thursday we had our ‘Rumpus’ where we came dressed up as characters and enjoyed playing some ‘wild things’ games. We are now working hard to learn our story map.

In magic maths we have been learning about ‘part, part, whole’. We have been using Numicon to do this.

11th December 2017

In Ash class this week we were lucky enough to be able to perform our Christmas nativity to our families and friends. We all did really well and enjoyed showing off all the work and practise we have put in.

We have been busy making paper chains and other decorations to decorate our classroom with.

The children have continued to perfect their floor movements in P.E and it was clear to see that lots of the children had been practising.

Lots of us have continued our shape learning in magic maths and the adults have been very impressed with the children’s growing knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes.

4th December 2017 

In Ash class this week we were lucky enough to perform our dress rehearsal of our nativity to the rest of the school! We all did really well and can’t wait to show it to our families next Tuesday and Wednesday. We have enjoyed being able to open up our advent calendar every morning and see what joke is within each pocket.

Ash class have continued with their handwriting practise and we are really impressed with their brilliant letter formation. The children were able to show off their fantastic letter formation in the writing activity that they took part in this week. Each child had a go at writing a sentence about their trip to Langford Lakes Christmas tree farm.

We practised lots of different floor movements in P.E this week such as skipping, hopping and side stepping. It is great to see the children using these movements within their playtime.

27th November 2017

This week in Ash class we have had a great week and have been very busy with our learning. We have been making patterns with paint and Numicon and have been writing CVC words independently.


We went on our school trip to Langford Lakes Christmas tree farm where we learnt so much! We learnt how they wrap the Christmas trees, how long they take to grow, how tall they can grow and we even got to go through a snow machine! Langford lakes were also very kind and gave all of us a free Christmas tree decoration to go on our trees at home! We are very grateful.

20th November 2017


This week in Ash Class we have been busy practising our Nativity Play ready for our fast approaching Christmas performance! We can’t wait to share it with our families. We have spent some time looking at where the nativity story comes from and have enjoyed re telling this using our knitted characters.

During our R.E we have used the empty toilet rolls that were kindly donated to us to each make a baby Jesus in his manger, we really enjoyed this and it gave us chance to discuss what happened once baby Jesus was born.

We have been learning with the Numicon in our maths and it’s great to hear the Numicon practise some children have been doing at home.


We have also been practising reading our red words; it’s great to see how well the children are remembering these.

We are looking forward to our trip to the Christmas tree farm next week!

13th October 2017

In Ash this week we have been very busy! We have taken part in interfaith week and have been making bread to tie in with a Sheikh story that we have been learning.

We have even been lucky enough to help Mr Murphy and Mr Owen plant some trees in our forest school area.

We have been busy in write dance practising our writing skills by 'taking our line for a walk' on paper whilst listening to a piece of music. The children have really impressed us with their mark making skills.


 6th October 2017

In Ash class this week we have continued to enjoy our story of ‘The enormous turnip’ and have been labelling a picture of the characters. The children have been exploring numicon with the turnip play dough. Ash class were set an independent challenge to reorder the story of ‘The enormous turnip’ with a partner, we were really impressed with their teamwork!

We have been practising patterns in our maths using our pattern pythons as well as working independently to create a firework picture.

30th October 2017

This week we have enjoyed creating our new role play. We have got a farm shop! This is linked to our topic ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We have started to learn the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ using our class story map. We have made turnip play dough which we have had fun experimenting with.

Our independent challenge this week as been to put some turnips into size order. We have also made repeating patterns with the turnips.

16th October 2017

In Ash class this week we have practiced writing the numbers 5 and 6. We used geo boards and elastic bands to see what different shapes we could make.

We had an interesting values day and enjoyed having a celebration on Thursday afternoon for the schools 30th birthday party.

We hope all the children have a lovely half term; we are looking forward to seeing you once we’re back.

9th October 2017

We have had a very busy week in Ash class this week. We went to our first celebration assembly where three children from ash class received a certificate for their super learning.

We found lots of conkers when exploring outside and used these for counting and sorting.

Some children in Ash class impressed us with their super story telling at carpet time and the children have enjoyed sharing the model houses they made at home.

All of the children had a chance to paint a picture of a character from a story which was special to them. We are looking forward to another busy week next week.

2nd October 2018


In Ash Class this week, we have enjoyed learning some new sounds in phonics. We have learnt the digraph ‘sh’. During our outdoor learning we have practiced writing our sounds in salt.

We made jelly with Miss Grace. We made three different flavours. We then tasted the jelly and our independent challenge was to tick the sheet showing which one was our favourite.

In RE we thought about our special places and why they are special. We found out that Churches are special places for Christians as they feel close to God there.

25th September 2018

We have enjoyed exploring outside this week. We have experimenting with paint and colour and lots of us have practiced our cutting skills. With Miss Bartholomew we have been writing about the people who are special to us.

In Ash class we have explored the different ICT that we have available to us. We have particularly like using the class interactive whiteboard to create pictures.

18th September 2017

This week in Ash Class we have enjoyed being together as a whole class. We have been learning the phonic sounds ‘ i, n ,p, g and o’ and have been practicing our shape knowledge. We started our first write dance lesson which was great fun. We are looking forward to staying for lunch next week.

11th September 2017

This week we have had our first week in Ash class. We have been busy painting portraits of ourselves, learning the phonics sounds ‘m,a,s,d and t’ as well as learning all about our routines and classroom expectations. This week our class Ashley doll went home with somebody from Ash class for the first time and we are looking forward to seeing what adventures Ashley has been up to this week.

Tuesday 5th September 2017

This week in Ash class the adults have enjoyed going to the children’s houses and finding out all about them and their families. We then had our first day in Ash class. We got to know each other and shared our all about me books and holiday postcards. We are looking forward to exploring the classroom and outside area within the next few weeks.