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Mini Police

Mini Police consists of a group of 8 children from year 5 and 6. They have a number of roles and responsibilities within school. 


We have been working on ways in which we can support the community. During the Autumn term we focused on litter within the community. We started off creating posters about littering and how we can stop it within school. Following this we did a litter pick around the community, which was very exciting and a brilliant experience. Finally, we did an assembly on our litter pick and spoke to the school about how they can try and reduce the amount of litter they create.


During the Spring term we have been learning about internet and road safety. Our local PCSO's came in and spoke to us about the importance of keeping safe online. We have also visited Brock House Nursery to speak to the children about road safety and how they can stay safe when crossing the road! It was a great afternoon.

Mounted Police visit June 2022

Litter pick

Road safety talk at Brock House Nursery

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