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Gallery Archive 2015-2016

Come and see the wonderful learning that we do in Acorns!

Frog Spawn

Miss Austen brought in frog spawn from her pond. We are watching it change as it grows into tadpoles, froglets and frogs. The tadpoles only eat fish food so we cannot feed them anything else. We then went to the hall and acted out how the life cycle of the frog to develop our different ways of moving and controlling our bodies.

We have been using the ipads and the interactive whiteboard to help us with our computer skills. We have been completing simple programs on our own or in small groups which has been developing our turn taking skills.

The Gruffalo's Child

Pepper, our pre-school bear, set us a challenge to find the characters in his favourite story. We had to go all around the school grounds to find the characters which he had hidden from us. What great observation skills we all have!

Moving and Jumping

We have been using our hall time to complete an obstacle course. We had to climb onto different apparatus and land safely. We then moved over the mats in different ways including hopping and crawling. Our teachers are very proud of us as we tried very hard and we listened carefully.

Snail Brings the Mail

To start our topic book 'Snail brings the Mail' we went for a snail hunt. Unfortunately we did not find any snails but we did find a worm!

Christmas Beans!

Acorns have been using the hall to support the older children with their transition into Ash Class in September. During this time we have also been learning to listen to Miss Austen in this new environment and to follow instructions. We played a game called 'Christmas Beans' where we had to stop and listen to which actions Miss Austen called out. This could be either a melting snowman, Father Christmas, Christmas tree or a star. It was difficult but we did very well.


We listened to and learnt about the Christmas story. The puppets enabled us to retell parts of the story during our independent learning. We learnt the story so well that we were able to help the adults in our class to retell the story during our carpet time.

People Who Help Us

There are lots of people who help us every day. We went to the school office to see how Mrs Fowler and Mrs Lait help us. They are very busy! We also had a paramedic come into school with his ambulance. He let us look inside the ambulance and showed us some of the equipment that he uses every day.

Remembrance Day

We made poppies to wear during our two minutes silence for Remembrance Day. On the whiteboard we watch the parade. We thought about the people who looked after our families in the past and those that look after us now.


We have been learning about how to stay safe around fireworks. Together we decorated hats to wear during our firework dance and made a match to 'light' the fireworks with. We moved in very creative ways!


We have been learning about scarecrows and why farmers use them in their fields. We each made our own scarecrow to help us learn about following instructions and listening carefully. Once we had made the scarecrow's body we then decorated them with material or paint and gave them straw arms and hair. Finally the scarecrow needed a name!


We have been learning about how Christians celebrate the Harvest Festival.

We have also thought about the work that farmers do during harvest to make sure we have enough food for winter.

During our harvest topic we made bird feeders so that the birds have enough food to eat during the winter as well.

We enjoyed tasting and describing the different types of bread. If we liked them then we gave them a 'thumbs up'. We then learnt the story of The Little Red Hen as a class.

The Little Red Hen

The Baker Man (from the nursery rhyme 'pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake') sent us a box of different types of bread for us to try and the story of The Little Red Hen.