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Daily Routines

Start and end of Session


Arrival for a morning session

At 8.40am you will be met by a member of pre-school staff to sign your child in for their session. Another member of staff is always stood by the pre-school door, this is for the safety of the children.The school gate is closed at 8.50am so after this time you will need to bring your child through the school office. With your assistance your child will need to put their coat on their peg and lunch box (if applicable) on the lunch trolley. Water bottles, snack and their communication book (taken out of their school bag) will need to be placed in the labelled trays in the pre-school classroom. Please feel free to see any member of staff if you would like to pass on any important news or to ask any questions. Two more members of staff are within the classroom to settle the children and on hand for parents/carers as well.


Lunch Club

As of this academic year we have introduced a 'lunch club' which can be added onto the end of a morning session or afternoon session for any child. This session begins at 11:45am and ends at 12:15pm. The arrival/departure gate will be opened at 11:40am and closed at 11:50am for children arriving for lunch club and opened at 12:10pm and closed at 12:20pm for children departing from lunch club. If you would like your child to attend a lunch club session please speak to Mrs Fowler in the school office.


Arrival for an afternoon session

Afternoon sessions begin at 12:15pm. The arrival/departure gate opens at 12:10pm and closes at 12:20pm. The procedure is the same as the morning session arrival where a member of staff will greet you and your child at the pre-school door and ask you to sign your child in for their session. Another member of staff will be waiting in the classroom to welcome and settle your child.


With your support your child needs to put their coat on their peg, their communication book in the allocated tray (taken out of the book bag) and their water bottle in the allocated tray.




Just before a pre-school session has finished a member of staff will support your child to prepare for going home. We encourage independence within our setting and support your child to do as much as possible themselves.


Morning sessions end at 11:45am and afternoon sessions end at 3:15pm. 


It is vital for you to inform the school office if your child is going home with somebody different.  Please remember to give them your password. If this person is going to be a regular contact then please update your child's contact information with their name and telephone number.


Water bottles and Snack

Your child needs to bring with them a water bottle (containing water only) with their name clearly visible on it. The bottles are place in a labelled tray so that your child can access it through the day. Please supply your child with a fruit or vegetable for snack time. This should be prepared ready for your child to eat. This should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and placed into the snack basket.


If your child is going to be absent you will need to telephone the school office on 01823 276611. 






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