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Last term we were visited by some frog spawn.  We have enjoyed observing the different stages of their development and learning about the life cycle of frogs.  We now have three frogs and it is nearly time to return them to their pond.
Our theme for this session was based on the sea creatures in the book 'One Lonely Sea Horse'.  After a short warm-up session, using our imaginations, we moved like the sea creatures in the story.

Egg Hunt

We really enjoyed the egg hunt organised by the PTFA for our Easter celebrations.  We were all very excited to receive our Easter eggs.  Thank yum!  Oops . . . we meant to say thank you. 

Making Gifts for Mothers Day

The PTFA helped us to plant flowers in the pots we painted to make gifts for Mothers Day.  We were all very proud of them.  Thank you to the PTFA for helping us to do this. 

Outside Learning

We enjoy learning together and being creative in the way we use the resources in our outside area.

We are working with SASP to deliver Full of Beans.  This is exciting programme for children and their parents/carers, with themed sessions designed to help children to learn about healthy living and physical activity in fun and sociable ways.


The children thoroughly enjoyed their first Full of Beans session with their parents.

We had a Special Visitor

Father Christmas came to school and read us a story.  We all received a present and then had a drink and a biscuit.
We were very proud of all of our children for how well they joined in with observing the 2 minutes silence at 1100 hrs.  We watched a slide show to help us to understand why we have Remembrance Day.  We made poppies by counting out 4 petals (practicing our counting skills) and sticking them with a black circle to a lolly stick.
Melting the chocolate to make our rice crispy cakes helped us to learn about how chocolate melts when it gets warm, and how it solidifies when it cools again.

We enjoyed looking for bugs in our garden: learning to identify them (using bug charts) and how to be kind to them.

We spent lots of time practising our balancing skills on various obstacle courses in our garden area.  A favourite was when we had an obstacle course set up as a jungle trail.